Teachers Training

Teacher Traning Program

  • It is an acknowledged fact that inspiring teachers create great students. Research has proven that a well-informed teacher is the most influencing for the achievement of a child. Hence, training and supporting teachers through professional courses and veterans in the domain of pedagogy is critical and it is a mandatory process in all Kids Park schools.

    Having recognized the essential element of teacher development, we offer a range of well-designed and innovative Montessori Teacher Training modules that emphasizes subject-matter mastery and provides hands-on experiences for teachers under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

    Our teachers play the role of facilitators all the time in carefully planning, the environment and helping children explore learning and play in productive and meaningful ways. They are empowered consistently in the areas of life skills, teaching and assessment skills that they are familiar with the characteristics of each skill and are able to accurately analyze and determine each child‟s accomplishment of learning skills and behavior.

    Kids Park incorporates standard daily routines, teacher-led activities and well-planned play time program. Our teachers demonstrate expertise in the cycle of planning, carrying out activities effectively, record, reflect on and personalize learning in pace with the learner styles. Specifically, they understand when a child does and does not possess a skill and which skills are precursors to one another. Our facilitators use these daily opportunities to ensure that all children have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities over time.

    Kids Park is a place to make a confident start for every kid to experience nurturing guidance in the hands of professional and a caring teacher.